FV Molnes

Simple & Powerful

FV Molnes - Cod trawler

Molnes has wet reception for the fish. Where the fish are taken in and kept alive in the reception using water and O2. It is then produced according to capacity in the rest of the factory. The fish is pumped into the factory, electrically stunned and bled. The fish bleeds out before decapitation and gutting.


Technical information

Registration details
Build details
Build Year: 1998
Yard: Brattvaag Skipsverft

Classification: Det Norske Veritas
Class notation: 1A1 Stern trawler Ice(C)
Propulsion system
Main engines
Provider: Caterpillar
Details: 3612 DITA
Power: 3855 kW

Reduction gear
Provider: Wärtsila
Details: SCV 850-P510
Gross tonnage: 2475 tons
Net Tonnage: 729 tons
Dead weight: 1380 tons
Depth: 9 m
Length: 60m
Length Overall: 66m
Beam: 14m
Draft: 5m