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Nordic Wildfish Sales

We are an international seafood supplier, and we offer fresh frozen wild fish, caught, and processed in the purest seas in the North Atlantic. We believe in quality and we strive to always deliver on this.

Jon Hallvard Roaldsnes
Managing Director
+47 900 18 421
Hanne Haahjem
+47 928 57 404
Anja Løvik Roaldsnes
Sales Manager / COO
+47 969 04 626
Per-Owe Owesen
Sales Manager
+47 926 10 053
Fredrik Iversen
Sales & Logistics Manager
+47 976 49 414
Torunn Frøland
Accounting Manager
+47 951 40 762
Sander Bjørdal Dyb
Customer Service
+47 417 56 510
Nordic Wildfish AS is located on the island Valderøya in Giske municipality just outside the city of Ålesund, Norway.

Creating value

Our goal is to be a preferred supplier for our customers for fresh frozen fish at sea. We are located in the heart of the Norwegian fishing industry, and our experienced and skilled employees and partners enable us to offer products, quality and service required in a global market. Together with our boats and eminent crews, we have established a unique focus on sustainability and quality.