Sustainable management

Sustainable management of marine resources

We are confident that in order to maintain and improve sustainable management, it is imperative to shift focus from a  MEY (Maximum Economic Yield) to MSY (Maximum Sustainable Yield) in fisheries.

Nordic Wildfish is taking this responsibility seriously ensuring that all our marine operations are operating from this perspective.

Karsten Urkedal, Chief Engenier
Gheorghe Gicea, Net Master
Sabino Saenz, Fisherman
Nordic wildfish

Focus on building culture

Located in Norway, we deliver white fish, fresh frozen at sea, to seafood processors worldwide. We have a history from the first launched fishing vessel in 1918, and today we own and operate the freezing trawlers Molnes, Roaldnes and Synes. We vision ourselves to be an innovator in the fish industry, focused on sustainable harvesting and environmentally friendly production. We have integrated the vertical operations in fishing, primary processing and sales. This narrows the gap between sea and market, making it possible to develop a transparent and efficient value chain. Nordic Wildfish delivers high quality white fish, fresh frozen at sea.
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Latest News & Updates

From time to time we try to write something that we hope you will find interesting. The fishing industry or just some words about life at sea.