Fresh frozen at sea

Nordic Wildfish

Located in Norway, we deliver white fish, fresh frozen at sea, to seafood processors world wide. We have a history from the first launched fishing vessel in 1918, and today we own and operate the freezing trawlers Molnes, Synes, Stornes and Roaldnes.

OUR CREED - preserving qualitY
When fish is taken from its environment, we need to ensure that quality loss is kept to the minimum. Quality is fragile and evading and we have a responsibility and duty to preserve it best possible. We are committed to doing it in a way that takes well care of the fish. Not only to achieve a price in the market, but as part of the managerial responsibility that we have been given.
Nordic wildfish

Fresh frozen at sea

We have a vertical integrated operation in fishing, primary processing and sales. This narrows the gap between sea and market, making it possible to develop a transparent and efficient value chain.

Nordic Wildfish delivers high quality white fish, fresh frozen at sea.

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