FV Synes

Simple & Powerful

FV Synes - saithe trawler

A medium sized trawler ( 55m). The boat is built for shrimp fishing, but today fishes mostly saithe. The vessel is suitable for operations far north, and has ice reinforcements in the hull. We took over the vessel in 2020 and built a new factory. With electric stunner and short lines to get the fish quickly in the freezer. This is to ensure the quality of the fish.


Technical information

Registration details
Class notation: 1A1 Stern trawler E0 Ice(1B)
Country: Norway
Registration Date: 2020-03-16
Vessel Reg. No.: M 0065G
Harbour No.: M-65-G
MMSI No.; 259656000I
Call Sign: LLAY
Port: Ålesund
Propulsion system
Main engines
Provider: Wärtsila
Details: W8L32
Power: 3729 kW

Maneuvering thrusters
Provider: Brunvoll
Type: Tunnel Thrusters
Quantity: 1
Details: FU 45 LTC 1225
Gross tonnage: 1498 tons
Net Tonnage: 495 tons
Dead weight: 500 tons
Depth: 8 m
Length: 47 m
Length Overall: 55 m
Beam: 13 m
Draft: 6 m